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Feng Shui - Welcome to Zi Wei Dou Shu

The Star

  1. Name:

    - The Zi Wei Star (Others called it the Purple Star or Emperor Star)

  2. Five element:

    - Yin Earth

  3. Character:

    - Noble, majesty, strong but not too brave

  4. Apparent of a person:

    - Has a rounded body, medium height

  5. State of Affairs Secret Code:

    - Very steady and well organised, eminent person star, people obeys him due to his dignity.

  6. Meaning of Appearance:

    - Honest and sincere, proud, self-nature and stubborn, like people to say good thing to him, easily trusted by others, no intent to hurt others, has a dignified manner. - (Transformed into the Star of Prosperity) Make perfection still more perfect. - (Transformed into the Star of Annoyance) Like a light boat pass through the river easily

    - Have one's own judgment. If seen Wen Chang and Wen Qu then have knowledge. If seen Di Kong/Di Jie and no Wen Chang and Wen Qu, then no scholarly attainment but prejudice.

  7. Sickness:

    - Mainly problem with spleen, have overall good health and can live to old age. Prosperity Authority Fame Annoyance

- Master Poh Wong

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