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How To Teach yourself the art of Feng Shui

There are times my friends asked me: If a person wants to learn fengshui ("FS"), should he learn under a tutor or by studying on his own?

I usually answer this way: It depends on why they want to learn fengshui. Generally the reasons are as follows:

  1. They are interested in metaphysics and want to know more;
  2. They want to learn it so that they can have proper placement at home;
  3. They want to use it to help others;
  4. They want to make a living with the skill.

If they are only interested in fengshui, and want to know more, then there is no need to get a tutor. Especially when it is one's nature to know more about this mystical topic. In this case, one only needs to read related books. Then it can become a topic of conversation during leisure times.

If they want to do some placement at home, then reading books alone is not sufficient. This is similar to reading a lot of medical books. Of course, one will come to possess some medical knowledge. However, reading a lot of medical books only means one has a level of understanding of medicine. It does not necessary mean one is has a high level of medical skill, and can become a doctor. In this analogy, one needs a distinguished teacher. Only then one can transform the high level of medical knowledge to high levels of medical skill and apply it to a patient.

There is a Chinese saying, "A long-time patient can become a good doctor." There is some truths in this. But the real meaning is: due to frequent illness and frequent visits to a doctor, one will know one's own body better. One will know how to take care of oneself and keep in good health. When one is sick, one may know which part of the body is sick, and find a way to cure it. All this is focused treatment for the individual and cannot be used to treat others.

The same principles apply to fengshui. If someone just wants to know how to renovate his house, then he needs to consult a competent teacher. First, he needs to know the likes and dislikes (in term of fengshui) for all the family members. He can make a complete fengshui placement, and operate by focusing on his family. Then, even if they move to another place, he may still have know how to make his choice.

But if one wants to study for the purpose of application, so that they can help others, or seek a living out of it, then it is no longer that simple. The question now is not as focused, but becomes wide-ranging and extensive. This is because our target is not just one person or a few persons. There must be coordination based on different family set-ups and environments. So the difficulty increases by multiples.

The circumstances of our learning is no longer like an 'armchair quarterback.' We need to ask more, see more, practice more, introspect more, grasp more. We cannot miss out on any one of these, and we also need the frequent guidance of a distinguised and competent teacher.

Ladies and Gentlemen: let's imagine the difference between a person who is well versed in medical books and another medical student who is under the guidance of a medical professor. This is the difference between a medical doctor who has not done his internship and another one who has finished it, between a newly qualified doctor and an experienced doctor, between a household general practitioner and a specialist. In this way you will picture what I am trying to say.

Then, on the topic of finding a good, competent, and distinguished teacher...It is very much related to fate and depends on karma. One cannot really try to force it to turn out the way we want. This is true not only for the person who wants to learn, but also the for the one who wants to teach. It all depends on fate.

Fate can start and fate can end. There are times when the distinguished master may leave. There are times that the 'wise' student may leave, too. This can happen even if they are relatives.

Since ancient times, a lot of great masters have had to wait until they were old before they managed to find a disciple. There are also great masters who never even found one disciple to pass on their knowledge and skill.

In fact, in learning whatever kind of knowledge, the above situation can occur. There is no exception in learning fengshui. I trust my reader will understand and comprehend.

- Master Poh Wong

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